Is your Business is ready for Windows 10 Operating System?

On July 29th 2015, Microsoft released their newest Operating System Window 10, which got a great response from worldwide tech-savvy geeks, consumers and business personnel. Microsoft has announced that computers running Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 will be able to upgrade with the newly released OS for free over next 12 months from the release date of Windows 10 OS. Windows 10 is considered to be Microsoft’s last operating system; however it will undergo a continuous up-gradation and development. Many industry experts have welcomed the stability of Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 with a positive and confident approach.

What is new in Windows 10 OS?

Windows 10 operating system has an entirely new browser, which is called Microsoft Edge that replaces old browser .i.e. Internet Explorer.

Why should you upgrade your PC with Windows 10 OS?

Having enhanced applications (with multi-device functionality from Windows 8.1) and with a blend of Windows 7’s look, Windows 10 is highly acclaimed worldwide for its performance and user-friendly access.

High Performance:

Windows 10 OS has a faster boot-up time with a better hardware acceleration as well as makes general navigation faster and smoother.

Good File Management:

For any good operating system, efficient file management is the key, which can be utilized with help of useful tools to find and mange the files. A new Share ribbon in Windows 10 OS makes it easier in moving files between different apps. For easier file management, in Windows 10 the tasks such as moving and copying are grouped into one window.

Search Functions:

In Windows 10 operating system, you will find useful search functions, which quickly looks for matching programs and documents when a person starts typing. The functions provide quick access to core features and chosen programs, which proves to be both effective & simple. User will find the search results are presented or displayed in a more organized manner, compared to the old versions of Windows OS.

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Windows 10 OS delivers flat windows and bold colors, while retaining the old comfort in a more convenient way, as it still uses old icons for Control Panel or Computer Management interfaces.

How to Stay Updated?

In this fast moving and competent market of New York, it is required to be updated with latest software upgrades. If you are running a business in New York, which includes laptop or desktop device for creating, processing, communicating and managing data then it will be considered wise to upgrade those with Windows 10 OS. Managed IT services in New York by CompCiti Business Solutions Inc. will help in assisting you with upgrades and new installations of your computers as well as networks. We will evaluate your specific situation and make you aware how the upgrade will prove effective for your business and help in getting a leading edge in a competitive market of New York.

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